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Product Data
NeChips Series NePort NeBoard Series NeDevice Series

NeChips Series
If you choose nechips series as your net controller,please download the datasheet and user manual here.

Model Name status Update time
Ne3216L Data_sheet_ne3216.pdf Valid 2001.3.1
  User_manual_ne3216.pdf Valid 2001.3.1
  Demo_board_ne3216.pdf Valid 2007.12.22 Valid 2007.3.1
Ne3232L Data_sheet_ne3216.pdf Valid 2001.3.1
  User_manual_ne3216.pdff Valid 2001.3.1
  Demo_board_ne3232.pdf Valid 2007.12.22 Valid 2007.3.1
Ne3216W Data_sheet_ne3216W.pdf Valid 2001.3.1
  User_manual_ne3216W.pdf Valid 2001.3.1
  Demo_board_ne3216W.pdf Valid 2007.12.22 Valid 2007.3.1
Ne3232W Data_sheet_ne3232W.pdf Valid 2001.5.23
  User_manual_ne3232W.pdf Valid 2001.5.23
  Demo_board_ne3232W.pdf Valid 2007.12.1 Valid 2008.1.1
Ne3232WL Data_sheet_ne3232WL.pdf Valid 2001.5.23
  User_manual_ne3232WL.pdf Valid 2001.5.23
  Demo_board_ne3232WL.pdf Valid 2007.12.1 Valid 2008.1.1

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